Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a taste...

Our photoshoot went wonderfully thanks to some very talented makers and helpers. Below are a few photos for Specks & Keepings, The Shop, by Matthew Yake. Just a bitty peak...

Annika in the Rose Dress. This collection of Rose Dresses were made special for Specks & Keepings. I only have a very limited size run. I think it is more special that way.

I think this fly swatter is such a beautiful object and I think it's purpose and design were well considered...although to kill a bug with a bug is a bit sad. I kept trying to put it in the shots and Matt and Annika were laughing at me. When I left the room I think Matt was also taken by its form and now I have this lovely photo.

Delicious lunch, by mom. It was such a treat to eat.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baltimore Magazine: Valentines Edition

My embroidered man was featured in Baltimore Magazine, it was included in a spread of things to buy for someone you love on Valentines Day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Specks & Keepings Shop is on its way!

I have been scrambling to get everything together for the Specks & Keepings photoshoot this Saturday and Sunday. I am so pleased that my mom decided to come out to help with the shoot and so we can celebrate our birthdays together! Annika has generously donated her home for our location and is going to be a model as well. My mom will be on craft services, so her job is to keep everyone fed and in a sense happy. So I expect we will all be eating quite well. I'm looking forward to it!

Be on the lookout for Adam Wolpa & Erika Jane's handmade goods at Specks & Keepings, the shop.

Drawing Corner: Lee Piechocki

I discovered Lee Piechocki's work in Ruby Mag #51. This instillation looks much like his paintings. I am interested in his relationships and pairings, the story of objects that live side by side.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

ALL Knitwear

I just happened upon knitwear designer, Annie Larson. Annie's blog is just as exciting as her wonderful knit goods. Such fantastic sweaters, leggings, and hats! I would love to sell them at Specks & Keepings.

Feral Childe: TARQUINA

I love Alice and Mariah of Feral Childe as much as I love their clothing! They make some of my favorite things. Each season they design new prints, which are usually fantastic line drawings and they always pay such close attention to detail and form. I think they have fun designing so others can have fun wearing. Everything is so full of play. I think their Spring 2011 Collection, TARQUINA, is my favorite yet!


Here are a few photos from our time in Turkey, in no special order. It was such a wonderful place, I hope we get to return one day.

Simit in Istanbul

Balloon ride in Goreme, the sky is littered with them every morning

Painted school in Cappadocia

At work in Goreme & a cave office

Beautiful outdoor market, I love his basket

Homeless kitties that are really everyone's everyone's kitties, Istanbul

Beautiful carpet shop in Goreme

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter time

Winter time always seems to last forever to me, but there are some wonderful things to be had...warm drinks, snuggles, hiding under all your favorite blankets at once, cute pet days and beautiful whiteness everywhere.

Photographs by Matthew Yake

Some lovely things...

I have been looking at so many beautiful things in thinking about a Specks & Keepings store and perhaps working on a children's book and some new etchings. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love Mieke Willems blog & shop . I admire their fantastic collections made up of beautiful found and made objects.

Bitty kitchens filled with much loved goods crammed in imaginative nooks and cupboards: found on Renilde De Peuter's wonderful blog, AT SWIM-TWO-BIRDS

Renilde De Peuter's Metropolois, 3

Work & images by Mina Perhonen