Sunday, July 31, 2011

Farmers Market

Every Sunday morning Matt wakes up early and goes to the farmers market. Today he came home with these beautiful flowers. They made me so happy. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tea's Home

My friend Tea's home is for sale. Although I absolutely don't want her to move, as I will miss her lots, I do want to share her lovely home that is now on the market. So if you are considering moving to Baltimore, do pay it a visit.

A visit

My friend Amanda is visiting from Los Angeles before she continues on to New York for work. Amanda is fantastically fun, she always has a wonderful attitude and uplifting outlook, and she has fabulous style. I love our visits! To see some of Amanda's fantastic fashion adventures around the globe, visit her blog. Here is a silly picture of the three of us.

Ooh, these are my new hand painted purple glasses from SEE. They are made in Israel and are by far the most fun glasses I have owned to date. Also I have on my new favorite dress. It's by Rebe and I will have some for sale in the shop come September.

Drawing Corner

Nice drawings and sculpture. Considered color and shapes rolled into sweet relationships. The top sweet reminds me of drawings I make.

From top to bottom:
1. Somewhere here I think, so sorry I can't find it.
2. ii-ne-kore
3. The Golden Tummy via Intelligent Clashing
4. By Sabine Finkenauer via ii-ne-kore
5. C


Good morning. I liked these from here and here.

A lovely blog this morning to share

I stumbled upon a wonderful blog this morning, called Froken O. It's beautiful, do pay it a visit.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Makes me want to visit Disneyland. A nice collection of images.
From Chistine's shop, here, Matt's blog,and AT SWIM-TWO-BIRDS, a drawing diary, and Ikou Tschuss via Mrs. G.

projects, preformance & color

I stumbled upon some inspiring projects and materials that got me thinking of wonderful things to do with children of all ages. I sometimes think about becoming a teacher of young children, it seems like it would be a very rewarding and fun job. The top image is a drawn pillow from Fine Little Day, middle image of the masks are from Mieke Willem's blog and the other two images are from T-A-K.

I also like this photograph in thinking about children, costumes, and play. Which is funny because I was always such an embarrassed child that I dreaded being in any sort of production.

Polish Paper Chandeliers from here via Christine Tillman.

Junior Art Collective

Look for my dolls and mobiles at Junior Arts Collective in Canada. My goods will be on their way today.

Visit here,
63 Metcalfe St Elora Ontario N0B 1S0 Canada.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Los Angeles times

After our lovely visit to San Francisco, mom and I drove home to Los Angeles. I had such a nice week visiting with my family before returning home to Baltimore. We ate at Dough Boys, one of our favorite restaurants. They have such delicious food and large portions that are perfect for sharing. Mom and I painted nails, we all played a game of Catan, and mom made delicious meals, all of which I enjoyed.

My last weekend there, I spent Saturday at the Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair. It was very hot that day and not quite as many people were out and about, but it was still nice to spend time together.

cotton sheep

Cotton Sheep, in San Francisco, is one of my very favorite shops. The shop is simple and clean with beautiful goods from Japan laid out on white shelves. Whenever I visit here, I am very inspired to have my own brick and mortar shop. Unfortunately, when we stopped by this visit they were closed, but even peeking through the windows was wonderful.

San Francisco times

From our trip to San Francisco...

The San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair was wonderful. Here are a few pictures as promised.

On Sunday mornings, they have a nice farmers market out front of the venue. We got the most delicious cherries there.

Peter & Elise's home

Whenever we go up north for a visit or to do a show, we stay with our good friends Peter and Elise in San Jose, California. Peter and Elise have one of my favorite homes. It is welcoming, cozy and beautiful. I love our visits there! Elise is a chef and makes the most delicious food and they have the sweetest little dog that looks more like a sheep than a dog.