Monday, July 25, 2011

projects, preformance & color

I stumbled upon some inspiring projects and materials that got me thinking of wonderful things to do with children of all ages. I sometimes think about becoming a teacher of young children, it seems like it would be a very rewarding and fun job. The top image is a drawn pillow from Fine Little Day, middle image of the masks are from Mieke Willem's blog and the other two images are from T-A-K.

I also like this photograph in thinking about children, costumes, and play. Which is funny because I was always such an embarrassed child that I dreaded being in any sort of production.

Polish Paper Chandeliers from here via Christine Tillman.


  1. you would make the best teacher. suki still sings the alligator song you taught her while visiting.

  2. It took me a long time to remember that one...and she still remembers it. What a smart girl!