Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a taste...

Our photoshoot went wonderfully thanks to some very talented makers and helpers. Below are a few photos for Specks & Keepings, The Shop, by Matthew Yake. Just a bitty peak...

Annika in the Rose Dress. This collection of Rose Dresses were made special for Specks & Keepings. I only have a very limited size run. I think it is more special that way.

I think this fly swatter is such a beautiful object and I think it's purpose and design were well considered...although to kill a bug with a bug is a bit sad. I kept trying to put it in the shots and Matt and Annika were laughing at me. When I left the room I think Matt was also taken by its form and now I have this lovely photo.

Delicious lunch, by mom. It was such a treat to eat.

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