Monday, April 4, 2011

The Specks & Keepings Shop is up!

I spent most of the weekend getting the shop ready for launch. I am so happy it is finally up for all to see. The shop features handmade clothing, artwork, and items for the home by seven artists from all over the country: Anschtecka, Adam Wolpa, Eric Stiner, Hillery Sproatt, Karen Thurman, Kotoa, and Rebe. In time I hope to grow the shop to include even more wonderful makers.

I should have a mailing list link in the shop by next week, please do check back and sign up. The monthly newsletters will update you about all things new, sales, and upcoming events.

Our story...
Specks & Keepings is a small shop filled with handmade and collected objects and design. It is a showcase of thoughtfully made goods that aim to inspire a simple lifestyle that is carefully shaped and chosen.

Specks & Keepings is a sense of connection to the people who make the things we surround ourselves with. It is the small pleasures we feel when we eat from our favorite bowl or wear our most loved sweater. It is the belief in special goods that age with us and the idea of home as a space we love and can love in. It is story telling through design.

I believe on some level, our possessions are an extension of ourselves and they should speak to who we are as individuals. Things are always more beautiful when they mean something to us. I want people to have a memorable shopping experience at Specks & Keepings. I want them to feel connected to their possessions, because they know and understand that this article they are purchasing, which will hopefully be something they use and love for years to come, was made with care by another human being, whom they are now connected to.

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  1. great work, hillery! the store is beautiful, i can not say it enough.

  2. It's all beautiful! I'm already saving up!

    : )

  3. I just found your blog and Love the work that you do!!
    I am in love with the sweet little braided sweet they are!!



  4. Your new shop is lovely! Best of luck with this creative adventure.

  5. Thank you all! The braided Anschtecka pins featured on the Specks & Keepings shop are by Annika Blomberg. They are some of my favorite little objects as well!