Monday, August 1, 2011


Specks of surprises by Chen Forng-shean from here.

Monsieur Creme, chestnut and gouache, 2007
When I was in school I also made very small things, see here. This is what I wrote about that work.

The never-ending evidence of everyday life, A decimal point existence.

Pretending to be the crumbs scraped off burnt toast, Jumping in and out of the work, no bigger than a flea.

I fall in love with the speck of green beside me in a field of yellowed paper, A bigger existence disguised as small.

The intimacy of looking, Nothing is without an identity.

The work is a reminder of my smallness.

I like to imagine looking at the world like this. Everything is something. A piece that matters, even in its smallness.


  1. it all makes so much sense why suki has such a connection to you. she too loves to find small things. sometimes she holds her little hand up to show me something and at first i will think she is holding nothing, then i realize it is something VERY small. i guess this is in her blood. i love it!

  2. I love that too. Thank you for telling me.