Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coming up...

I have been busy planning the next Specks & Keepings shoot, which was pushed back a week due to the Hurricane. The shoot is now scheduled for this Sunday and I can't wait! I have assembled a talented team of artists who will be helping out with the shoot, I expect it will be a wonderful day and an exciting collaboration. I spent last Saturday shooting product shots in house of some of the new goodies that will soon be featured in the shop. Check back soon to see what's new. Here is a taste of things to come...


  1. Yes, by Annika Blomberg. They are hand braided necklaces and they are very beautiful.

  2. !!! It all looks amazing! Those slippers are killer, seriously.

  3. Oh so beautiful. I've been out of the blog loop for a while, so happy to see such wonderful things you are up to! Can't wait for the new photos.