Saturday, March 3, 2012

Slow Craft

I met Brian R. Jones at the American Craft Council last year and was pleased to see him there again this year. Aside from making wonderful ceramics, he hosts a podcast, where he speaks with other artists on many topics. He just sent out a newsletter reflecting on his time at the ACC this year and I found a lot of what he said important and moving. He is thinking about things much the same way I do when curating Specks & Keepings. Here is some of what he had to say...

"Then we need to set the stage for the future. The connection needs to be made between the quality of a handmade object, the experience that it holds for the user,and its higher price..."

"Pay more for a better experience and a well-made object; have it for years and depend on it every day. Buy less but spend more on what you buy. There needs to be innovative thinking and action taken to let the outside world know about how a mug made by an individual has an impact in their lives, the life of the maker, and the local economy that both of those people share. "

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