Saturday, September 21, 2013

History happens beneath a chimney centered

Kitchens collect, giving meaning to the geometry. 
What would it be if it could be anything?
A clump of speckled paint shape shifting or movement in stillness.
A home space or a space of home.
Patterns activate the white with soft interferences.

A comfort, a covering, a chimney centered in warmth.
Woven wonderment wears beneath your feet.
Colors as lovers, their forms sprinkled across the paper making matter soft and squishy.

Like a child surprising himself.
A different story every time leaves beautiful memories.
Celebrate the intimacy of looking.
To see all the way through and in between the remnants of a life growing. 
I want to feel at home beneath a chimney centered. 

Some new drawings and a small weaving in thinking about home.