Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In the Studio

Matthew is teaching himself how to make videos. He made this one of me. I think I'm always his subject due to proximity.

We also spent the last two weeks organizing and building new furniture for the studio. I have a lovely new sewing table now that is the perfect height for my sewing machine. We also built a huge bookshelf for the office. We have yet to decide how to paint or stain it. I never knew how visually unexciting office supplies were until they were sitting on a nice shelf. I'm so pleased that we finally have a place to hang our piece by Christine Herz.


  1. !!!
    love that awesomeness on your table.
    are those rosettes?!
    AND I noticed that awesome photo at the top!
    i finished that drawing...
    and schools out for summer. we should work something out.

  2. The drawing came out so beautiful! I like the title very much as well. I am also still thinking of so many of your drawings. It is like they are stuck having a conversation with one another and it is so hard to ever pick just one out of the bunch! I think that is what happen to me with good things. It becomes so difficult sometimes as they are so magical together.

    Those are badges with little bits of embroidery. Are you coming to Pile of Craft on June 26th? Then you can see some new stuff. If not you need to come over for a visit and see my new goods.

    How is the kitchen and bathroom?

  3. i love Matthew's video.
    (i posted on my blog too.)
    it is lovely.
    you are lovely.

  4. Thanks! I am so glad you posted it on your blog as well. I miss you and hope to see you at Renegade in July!