Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pile of Craft

Annika and I so enjoyed Pile of Craft that we wish it could have gone on longer...even though it was quite hot. We did amazing! Thanks so much to everyone who came by. We enjoyed seeing and meeting each and every one of you and we hope you continue to follow us in our handmade pursuits.

Make sure to check back often to find out what other upcoming craft shows we are participating in. We hope to do Bazaart at the American Visionary Craft Museum, Holiday Heap, and maybe the MICA Art Market. I am also going to be selling with Rebe at the Renegade Craft Festival in both San Francisco (July 31-August 1) and Chicago (September 11th-12th) this year! I am so excited to keep busy.

If anyone missed an opportunity to get something they loved at Pile of Craft from either Annika or I, just send us an email and you are welcome to come by our studios to see more work or pick up that little something special you keep thinking about. You can email me at hilleryrebe@gmail.com.

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