Friday, March 18, 2011

Handmade Turkish Socks

Our dear friend Annika just got back from visiting her sister, Christina, in Turkey. She and her family visited nearly all the same places as me and Matt during their stay in Istanbul and Cappadocia. We even stayed at the same hotel in Goreme, the Kelebek Cave Hotel.

During our stay in Turkey, I hadn't yet imagined opening a Specks & Keepings shop, but if I had I would have come back with a bounty of handmade treasures. So, I asked Annika if she could gather me up a bundle of wonderful knit Turkish socks from Cappadocia for the shop. She brought back such a beautiful collection, it's almost hard to part with them!

So pop into Specks & Keepings come the Fall and treat yourself or your little one to a lovely pair of handmade Turkish socks...I have lots of childrens sizes.


  1. Can we see some pictures of them?! I love knitting socks but what are turkish socks like, do they turn up at the toe to fit in turkish slipper?!

  2. No, that would be wonderful if they turned up at the toe! They have a regular fit but have wonderful color pairings, many are striped and some have bits of pattern knit in them. They are simple but lovely and they are all made by hand in Goreme. I will try and post a picture of all of them together soon as they look so beautiful next to each other.

  3. these are beautiful! i especially like the way the short ones look.

  4. Me too, they're a bit like house slippers and socks in one.