Saturday, March 12, 2011

Presents from Adam & Erika Jane of KOTOA

I have been such a bad blogger lately, although who am I kidding, I've never really been very good at posting something new everyday. This reminds me of when I complain about being out of shape and then I take a moment to think of the last time I was in shape, which was favorite sport as a child was swinging at the park and as an adult I have come to love long walks.

It is funny to me how our idea of self fits in with our expectations for ourselves and ultimately reality. Mine never seem to match up. I think life must be a continual journey of learning and acceptance, and it's up to us to make it a beautiful one. Matt's mom, Harriet, once said in passing that she is a student of life. I've always loved and remembered that.

On another note, here are photos I was hoping to share a while back. My cousin, Erika Jane from KOTOA, made me this beautiful afghan for Christmas, which I snuggle up with every night. She and Adam also made me this fantastic set of plaid pillow cases for my birthday last month. They are actually a gift to Matt as well as they have little cluster of m's & h's on them. I sleep on the m's and Matt sleeps on the h's. We thought it was more loving that way. Eleanor loves nesting on mine! Erika and Adam might make some sets with z's for the Specks & Keepings shop. I think Erika might also make another large patchwork afghan for Specks & Keepings come winter.

Just an update: The Specks & Keepings store is on it's way...I promise. I am working on descriptions this weekend and Matt is working on photos.


  1. these gifts are brain-hurting good. i love how whispery the h's and m's are, so silent and sweet. thanks for sharing and i hope you do post more, cuz it is good.

  2. hillery, your room looks cosy! i love the patterns, colors and cute animal friends.

    brooke, i am happy to see you here. :)