Thursday, October 6, 2011

A look at craft shows

Here are a few photos from the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair and Crafty Bastards. Chicago was a wonderful time but Crafty Bastards was a bit cold and wet...hopefully next year the weather will treat us better in DC.

Our booth in Chicago.

Our booth in Washington DC. The new yellow Rebe Raincoat is so nice, we sold them all. I liked this woman's look, nice details.


  1. I wish I was closer to where you two do shows, a couple years ago we drove 10 hours to go to Renegade in San Fransisco and your booth was my fave, I bought a skirt and one of your cool necklaces like the ones on the table in the picture above, I always get comments on them.

  2. Thanks Amy, that is so nice to hear!

    You can shop at Specks & Keepings,

    If there is something specific you've seen and want to know if we still make, just email,

  3. the booth is looking good! congratulations on the raincoat sellout! the yellow looks nice.

  4. Your booth always look so nice. I wish I could have stopped by to see your new items at Crafty Bastards. Hope to visit your booth soon!

  5. Yours as well! I hope to see you at Holiday Heap if I get in. I just applied.

  6. Hi there HILLERY, I love your work & your mom's too! I own two of her Rebe bags. Did u apply to Renegade for the holiday show in Dec. I will be a vendor there this Dec.

    All my best,

  7. Hi Tye,
    That is so nice to hear. Your hats are lovely.

    We did apply to Renegade Holiday in San Francisco. I will be there with my mom. I am flying in a bit late so I won't get in until Saturday afternoon. Hopefully we'll see you there!