Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

In being completely honest, I never much liked Halloween. Even as a child, I preferred to sit by the front door and hand out candy rather than trick or treat. But I do appreciate the magic of dress up.

Above is one of my favorite costumes. I loaned my friend Paola my Rebe coat so she could complete her Mary Poppins costume. I think it came out charming. She wore it to the nursery school where she teaches. I imagine the children loved it! Although, I am confident Paola doesn't need such an enchanting get-up to excite the little ones each day. She is so wonderful all on her own.


  1. i love the mary poppins costume- it is the perfect costume for a nursery school teacher!

    did you see beedle and suki a.k.a. batman and robin at their halloween party.

    i wish i would have made a video to share with you. they really were in character, and they had some great moves!

  2. that is so sweet ....I can just imagine when she got out her tall lampshade and vase of flowers out of her carpet bag , the children were delighted !
    mary poppins is one of my heroes :)

  3. So cool, cheers from New Zealand, Marie

  4. Just had a look in your shop, wow!!! you do have some lovely creations there, cheers Marie