Monday, May 5, 2014

Oh my, it's been much too long. Here is a quick update with much more to come...

Debra Weiss, the designer of Rebe and I are doing many craft shows throughout the country. We will be in Philly this weekend and Brooklyn the weekend after. See a list of where we'll be next here.

I am so pleased to have Debra Weiss' new Fabric Works in the shop. Each hand pieced and sewn textile is part of her no waste project. Composing with the scrap fabrics collected after the production of her clothing, Debra responds to relationships between color and form the same way one would make a painting or collage. Without cutting any of the scraps, Debra pieces fabrics together revealing compositions that excite and inspire. The collection will be complete after 100 pieces have been made. Check back often as there are many more to come.

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