Friday, June 24, 2011

socks, sweaters & summer

My friend Sophie sent me a pair of Dub & Drino socks and leggings for a gift. I love them so much and I wear them all the time. What wonderful things they make in France! Thank you Sophie!

Very sweet children's sweaters from Teeny Tini.

I can't believe I am thinking about warm weather goods in this heat! Summer has just arrived and I am now looking forward to Fall...oh my. I think I will feel better when the pool opens this weekend.


  1. oh, lovely is that jacket?!

    (and as a cool weather girl, i understand your looking forward to fall, i do the same thing every year! that said, the spring clothes have just started arriving in the shops here, and i'm already eyeing them off...)

  2. I think I like sweater weather best.